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Michelle Wedemeyer


University of California, San Diego
Bioengineering (ABET)


Regenerative Strategies for the CNS: Stem Cells and Beyond
Stem Cell Biology
1 Stefan Parent, Michelle Wedemeyer, Andrew Mahar, Megan Anderson, Frances Faro, Suzanne Steinman, Fran├žois Lalonde, Peter Newton. J Pediatr Orthop. Displaced Olecranon Fractures in Children: A Biomechanical Analysis of Fixation Methods. 2008 Mar ;28 (2):147-151

2 Wedemeyer M, Parent S, Mahar A, Odell T, Swimmer T, Newton P. Titanium versus stainless steel for anterior spinal fusions: an analysis of rod stress as a predictor of rod breakage during physiologic loading in a bovine model. Spine. 2007 Jan 1;32(1):42-8.

3 Mahar A, Kim C, Wedemeyer M, Mitsunaga L, Odell T, Johnson B, Garfin S. Short-segment fixation of lumbar burst fractures using pedicle fixation at the level of the fracture. Spine. 2007 Jun 15;32(14):1503-7.

4 Schimizzi A, Wedemeyer M, Odell T, Thomas W, Mahar AT, Pedowitz R. Effects of a novel sterilization process on soft tissue mechanical properties for anterior cruciate ligament allografts. Am J Sports Med. 2007 Apr;35(4):612-6. Epub 2007 Feb 9.

5 Goodwin RC, Mahar A, Wedemeyer M, Wenger D. Abductor length alterations in hips with SCFE deformity. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2007 Jan;454:163-8.

6 Mohamad F, Oka R, Mahar A, Wedemeyer M, Newton P. Biomechanical comparison of the screw-bone interface: optimization of 1 and 2 screw constructs by varying screw diameter. Spine. 2006 Jul 15;31(16):E535-9.
7 Mahar A, Allred DW, Wedemeyer M, Abbi G, Pedowitz R. A biomechanical and radiographic analysis of standard and intracortical suture anchors for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. Arthroscopy. 2006 Feb;22(2):130-5.

8 White KK, Bawa M, Ahn JS, Farnsworth CL, Faro FD, Mahar AT, Wedemeyer M,
Garfin SR, Newton PO. Strut allograft union and remodeling using rhBMP-2 in a spinal corpectomy model. Spine. 2005 Jun 15;30(12):1386-95.
2011 International Society for Stem Cell Research Poster Presentation
Production of High Purity Neuronal and Oligodendrocyte Populations from Human iPS and Blastocyst-Derived ES Cell Lines. Wedemeyer, Michelle A., Stahl, Katja, Ferguson, David, Nistor, Gabriel, Harness, Julie, Okano, Hideyuki, Yamanaka, Shinya, Keirstead, Hans


California Institue of Regenerative Medicine Scholars (2009-2012)


Neurological Surgery
University of Southern California

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