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Sandra Gattas


San Jose State University
B.S. Biology - Systems Physiology

B.A. Dance
During my undergrad years, I worked in a biophysical chemistry lab with Dr. Eggers, where I investigated how the thermodynamic properties of water affect protein folding equilibrium. After graduating from San Jose State University, I joined Dr. Parvizi's Lab at Stanford where we used electrocorticography to investigate the effects of learning on visual processing. I would like to continue in the field of neuroscience, and using electrocorticography to better understand the human brain and to be able to better treat pathology. Originally, my family and I are from Egypt and we moved to the California in 2003. Lastly, outside of science, I enjoy dancing and working out.


Dr. Beth Lopour
2012 Northern California ACS Undergraduate Research Symposium 4/28/2012
“Valine Solubility as a Function of Secondary Solutes”

The annual College of Science Student Research Day 5/11/2012
“Valine Solubility as a Function of Secondary Solutes”

25th CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology 1/3-5/2013
“Valine and Isoleucine Solubility as a Function of Secondary Solutes”



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