Translational Journal Club

The MSTP TMJC is a monthly meeting in which MD/PhD students work with affiliated faculty members to select and present a current research publication of clinical significance. Presenters describe relevant medical background, hypothesis, results, and conclusions on their selected paper, and affiliated faculty members are invited to facilitate and moderate the discussion. Participants are expected to pre-read the paper and contribute to discussion following the presentation.

Previous articles

  • "Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding in Severely Obese Adolescents: A Randomized Trial" (O’Brien, 2010)
  • "Surgical Treatment of Obesity in Adolescents" (Livingston, 2010)
  • "The polymorphisms of UCP2 and UCP3 genes associated with fat metabolism, obesity and diabetes" (Gable, 2006)
  • "Intensive Lifestyle Changes for Reversal of Coronary Heart Disease" (Ornish, 1998)
  •  "CFTR Delivery to 25% of Surface Epithelial Cells Restores Normal Rates of Mucus Transport to Human Cystic Fibrosis Airway Epithelium" (Zhang, 2009)
  • "Warfarin genotyping reduces hospitalization rates" (Epstein, 2010)


All current UCI medical students are invited to participate, however priority is given to MSTP students. Interested parties should contact the TMJC committee.

MSTP Retreat 2013 RSVP

Current MSTP Lecture Series

Current MSTP Lecture Series

MSTP Retreat

UCI MSTP holds an annual retreat for all MSTP students, faculty, and selected guest speakers ath te UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center in the San Bernadino Mountains of east California. The event gives students an opportunity to present their research to classmates and faculty; network with students and faculty; and socialize at the beautiful lakeside resort. 

The 2013 MSTP Student Faculty Retreat is scheduled for October 4-6, 2013.

Past selected speakers at the annual retreat

Gerald Maguire, M.D. | UC Irvine
Aydogan Ozcan, Ph.D. | UC Los Angeles
Gerald Loeb, M.D. | Univ. Southern Cal
Kevin Stone, M.D. | The Stone Clinic
Paul W.K. Rothemund, Ph.D. | Caltech
James R. Heath, Ph.D. | Caltech
Aniruddh Patel, Ph.D. | The Neurosciences Institute  
Sheldon Greenfield, M.D. | UC Irivne
Sherrie H. Kaplan, Ph.D., MPH | UC Irvine
Brad Spellberg, M.D. | UC Los Angeles
Gerald Maguire, M.D. | UC Irvine
Ralph Clayman, M.D. | UC Irvine
K. George Chandy, M.D., Ph.D. | UC Irvine
J. John Cohen, M.Sc, Ph.D., M.D., C.M. | University of Colorado
Karina S. Cramer, Ph.D. | UC Irvine
Steven C. Cramer, M.D. | UC Irvine


UCI MSTP hosts and sponsors many events on campus.

  • MSTP Distinguished Lecture Series | Every year 8-10 leading researchers are invited to speak at the studen-run lecture series. Previous speakers include Nobel laureates and innovative scientist at the forefront of biomedical research.

  • Lunch with a Physcian-Scientist |  Once a month, UC Irvine physcian-scientist meet with current MSTP-trainees over lunch and advise students how to pick a PhD mentor, how to succeed as a graduate student, and discuss future career options. The lunches are always a great opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom from faculty who have a dual-degree training. 

  • Translational Medicine Journal Club A monthly meeting in which MD/PhD students work with affiliated faculty members to select and present a current research publication of clinical significance.
  • Social Events | Social outings with fellow MSTP students are planned every month.