Highly qualified students who have an outstanding academic record, substantial research experience, and a strong commitment to a career in clinical and translational research will be considered for the UC Irvine Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP).

  • Applicants to the UCI MSTP must meet the admission requirements of both the School of Medicine and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.  MCAT scores are required, GRE scores are not.

  • The UCI MSTP strives for diversity.  Non-residents of California are encouraged to apply and are considered equivalently to residents.

  • The application to the UCI MSTP is found in the primary AMCAS application.  Secondary applications will be sent out following initial screening.  Applications are reviewed by the MSTP Admissions Committee, which consists of the program director, representatives from participating graduate departments, and current students.

  • Applicants do not need to select a specific graduate department at the time of admission, though it is advantageous to have selected a field of study.  Students who are currently enrolled in the School of Medicine or a graduate program who seek to become MD/PhD candidates must also apply to the MSTP Admissions Committee.

  • Students who already hold either degree (MD or PhD) are not eligible for the joint program.

  • The admissions process operates on a rolling acceptance basis and it is to the advantage of the applicant to submit their application as early as possible.  Applicants not accepted into the MSTP will still be considered for acceptance into the School of Medicine according to standard admission procedures.

  • Competitive applicants will be invited for interview.  

Over the past few years, students admitted to the MSTP have had undergraduate grade point averages ranging from 3.6 to 4.0 and MCAT scores ranging from 11 to 14 in all subjects. All current MD/PhD students have had substantial research experience as undergraduates or have completed master's degree programs before entering. As of 2015, the Time to Degree (TTD) is 7.8 years and the rate of completion is 90%.


Statement of Diversity

UC Irvine School of Medicine and Medical Scientist Training Program understand the national need for physician-scientists of under-represented minority groups and other disadvantaged groups. We strongly encourage students who are members of the under-represented minority groups, from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or who are disabled to apply. Successful applicants must still satisfy all requirements for both medical and graduate components of the program. We encourage you to look through the student profiles which are a testament to the diversity of our students and their unique backgrounds and experiences.